Here you’ll find information about the current fitness class I offer:

Kettlercise – This class is suitable for all fitness levels as you can go at your own pace and exercises can be adapted to your current fitness. Kettlercise delivers a full body workouts targeting both cardio fitness and developing strong lean muscle.

Full Body Blast – This class is based around separate workout stations using a variety of body weight and weighted exercises that will target all major muscle groups as well as effectively firing up your cardio system.

Class timetable:

All classes currently run at Trinity Church Hall, Church Street, Ossett (large free carpark at the venue)

  • Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm – Kettlercise (£5 per class)

  • Block booking per month.
  • Online class booking / paying system coming soon


Is an exercise class taking the UK by storm. Using Kettlebells the class offers a high energy, fun, fat blasting system of training.

The workouts are designed to shape and sculpt your body whilst blitzing calories.

Classes will improve your cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone,  alongside the amazing fat burning results.

The class uses the PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) method of training. This means that throughout the class you alternate between a lower body exercise followed by an upper body exercise. This keeps the demands on the body high making the body work harder to keep up with your muscles need for oxygen. Your Heart and Lungs work hard throughout the entire session which increases the number of calories burnt. PHA training also increases your metabolic rate so the amount of calories you burn after the class is also increased. A win, win situation!

Suitable for all fitness levels

With easy-to-follow exercises, music and great results what are you waiting for?

I’ll provide the Kettlebells, all you need to bring are; enthusiasm, a drink & towel and £5.