Here at KBH I understand the importance of a high functioning and happy workforce.

I currently offer a variety of fitness classes onsite at your premises.

  • Circuits
  • Kettlebells
  • Body weight HIIT
  • Running Couch to 5km courses (10 week course)

Classes can be 30 or 60mins in length.

All equipment is provided and copies of qualifications, insurance and CRB can be provided on request.

I will also soon be offering 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses.

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Developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre, MBSR is based on a form of meditation known as mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a way of paying wise attention to what is happening in your life in the present moment. This gives you a deep sense of being alive and involved in present moment reality. As you practice mindfulness you will experience life with greater clarity, insight and understanding.

In the context of your health, mindfulness teaches you to take better care of yourself by exploring the interplay of mind and body and mobilizing your own inner resources for coping and growing. You will learn new skills for making wise choices when faced with stressful situations.

These claims have been backed up by research undertaken since the course started in 1979.

Content of the MBSR eight-week course.

  • Recognising the present moment.
  • Perception and creative responding.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • Stress Reactivity: investigating the ways we respond to stress with escape and denial.
  • Stress Response: responding positively and pro-actively to stressful situations and experiences.
  • Interpersonal mindfulness and mindful communication.
  • Applying mindfulness to everyday life.
  • Making mindfulness a part of your life.

Who benefits from taking the MBSR programme?

This programme benefits most people because the focus is on health enhancement and taking good care of yourself. It was devised to help those who suffer from stress. For example, stress due to work, school, family or financial problems, illness, ageing, grief, uncertainty about the future or those feeling “out of control”.

It can help to relieve the medical and psychological conditions that arise from stress, for example: anxiety, panic, fatigue, sleeplessness, high blood pressure and many other serious health problems arising from continual stress reactions.

The study of mindfulness can help employees deal with the stress and strain of work life well also helping them become more self aware
According to Forb’ “a guide to mindfulness at work” A number of companies have already implemented mindfulness programs for their employees Apple Google Procter and Gamble, Deutsche bank and General Mills are just a few of the companies that have taken mindfulness very seriously.
Companies like General Mills are making the idea of mindfulness and integral part of the company culture and there is a big reason why the truth is the practice of mindfulness can boost productivity because in mindful worker is a calmer and more productive worker.

After one 7 week course 83% of participants stated they were taking time each day to optimise their personal productivity which was up from a 23% before the class
Furthermore 82% of employees stated that they now took the time to eliminate any task that had limited productivity
More results indicated that 8% of senior executive‘s that took the course reported a significant change in their ability to make better decisions with 89% reporting that they felt that they were becoming better listeners.