I have a strong training background working with a variety of clients, including women starting out with or returning to fitness. I coach running groups, beginners cycling, buggy runs and teach Kettlercise in addition to a range of circuits type classes. My work with women has led to a great number of successes with lots of women developing their fitness in a healthy and sustainable way and continuing to have a love of sports and fitness. I have also guided a number of others to their own fitness leadership and coaching qualifications.

Every single client that I work with receives a dedicated and well considered programme with suitable guidance and encouragement to achieve their own goals. Most clients stay with me for the long term as the results are clear to see. The feelings of personal achievement and success are strengthened and the physical benefits are clear to all with obvious body composition results.

I offer clients 1:1 personal training and semi private small group or buddy sessions (45-60min).

1:1 sessions are a great way to focus your training and work towards specific health or fitness goals with my support, motivation and experience to guide you every step of the way.

Semi private sessions are great if you have a small group of friends who want to train together and have similar goals. With the small group size (max 4 people) I can really give each group member 1:1 attention during the session whilst keeping the cost down for clients.

Sessions can be bought individually or in blocks of 6 or 12.

I can deliver 1:1 / Buddy sessions in your own home / garden bringing all the equipment to you. Or sessions can be held at the Fitness Muscle World gym in Horbury.

I tailor each personal training programme to your goals and aims which we discuss during the initial consultation. Together we plan how to achieve those goals effectively based on your circumstances and time commitments.

Session prices are as follows.

  • Initial consultation and fitness testing, starting body composition measurements £ FREE (1-1.5hrs)
  • Fitness & body composition re-test £20 (45-60mins)
  • Nutritional guidance session £25 (60mins)

Personal training:

1 x session = £32.50

6 x sessions = £180 (£30 each)

12 x sessions £300 (£25 each)

Semi- private group sessions: (min 2, max 4-5 people)

1 x £20 per person

6 x sessions £105 per person for 6 sessions (£17.50 per session)

12 x sessions £180 per person (£15 per session)

If you’d like any further information or to book 1:1 or semi-private small group sessions please get in touch, thanks Rachel